Plans for Future


- Asia Used Oil Refinery:  with  capacity  of  150  (ton/day) .  This refinery will be  based on the method of  Thin  Film Evaporation  which means  that it will be a  safe unit that   compatible with all

  environmental requirements.

- Naphtha Splitting Unit : with  capacity of 350 (ton/day) which will  produce Gasoline, and after that Octane Number Booster will be added to the product to improve the specifications.

- Producing the Virgin Oil from Crude Oil to prepare lubricants.

- Using the Fuel from Asia Crude Oil Refinery to produce Asphalt,
  Greases, and Oils.

- Being an  integrated  company from A to Z : our plans for future will  depend  on full integration between our  sections to feed us  with all raw    materials which  will  be  used in the processes of
  producing the final product.

- Expanding to the neighbor countries: exporting, agencies …

- Transforming into Joint-stock company.