Message Of CEO

Massage from CEO :


2017  was one of the busiest years in asia oil company  history in terms of high level of development projects, delivery of oil & gas, organizational expansion and restructuring. It was indeed a very successful year in generating value for the country and shareholders.

2017 demonstrated the benefits of our approach of upholding highest operating standards, efficiency and effectiveness backed by dedicated professional workforce. Our core values of honesty, asia oil company continues to enjoy the support and guidance of the Supreme Petroleum Council, asia and Industry Shareholders which enabled it to meet all objectives.

Being a responsible citizen, asia oil company prides itself in recruiting the highest number of kurdistan- iraq  to train and integrate them for the future.

Looking to the future, 2018 is expected to be a busier year as we shall be the commissioning many new major projects to raise the sustainable capacity to high levels as agreed In doing so,asia oil group will maintain focus on Health, Safety and Environment as well as adopting best practices to ensure continued growth.